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Silver Willow Taxidermy is owned and operated by Curtis and Jen Fischer. We are located just North of the small town of Cadogan in East Central Alberta.

We have built our business with heart and pride and have the awards and ribbons to show for our hard work. With over 15 years experience, Curtis not only has a passion for taxidermy, but for family, hunting and the outdoors as well. Happily, we've been able to integrate all of these into a successful business.

We proudly provide high quality, professional mounts at affordable prices, with efficient turn around. Keep up to date with Silver Willow Taxidermy in our "Following Us" section to see the latest projects, hunt photos and excursions afield.


Curtis & Jennifer Fischer

Cadogan, Alberta
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Field Care for Taxidermy

Click on the link below to view a video on proper field care for animals:
Whitetail Deer Field Care

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Following Us - Latest Post

Recently, Curtis and I completed an epic two day delivery/pick-up circuit that included stops in Elk Point, Smoky Lake, Thorhild, Athabasca, Slave Lake, Valley View, Mayerthorpe and Edmonton. A huge shout out to all our clients that met with us. Everyone was so punctual!  It made our trip so much easier and it was great to visit with all of you.  It was our anniversary as well, so as a treat to ourselves we managed to sneak in a couple hours of bear hunting at Fox Creek and a stay in Whitecourt at "The Ritz'. Very romantic, I know, don't be jealous ladies.  If it makes you feel any better, we didn't get a bear.

One of the mounts we dropped off was this gorgeous wolverine done for a client from Northern Alberta. We would like to thank them for driving many hours to bring us such a beautiful animal.  Clients are always interested in seeing the exotics in our show room, but I think wolverines make jaw-dropping mounts.  Wolverines often have unique markings and colour variations and look good in just about any pose.   Who wouldn't want this guy to hang on their wall?   Don't worry if you don't have your own wolverine, we get many requests and have access to taxidermy quality tanned wolverine hides to purchase for your mount.  Remember it's never too early to start planning for a Christmas or birthday present to yourself.

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