Silver Willow Taxidermy

May 18, 2017

 Busy, Busy, Busy! That is the best way to describe what has been going on. There have been some long days in the shop and I can say we're making headway. So our tannery got us a bunch of capes and hides back from the tannery. Most of it is African and there are eight clients that have been patiently waiting for their mounts so we're trying to do a little of everyone's safari so they can all enjoy their trophies.

Back in April we attended a competition in Montana and we capitalized on the moment to save on shipping and haul a pile of forms back. So now that is what we are doing. I also have two helpers that are a massive bonus in the shop and they are doing a great job by keeping everything flowing.

Back on the subject of competition, here are the two pieces we took. The coyote was a collective piece which means more than one person worked on it. Quinn my son helped with it as it was his personal trophy that he took. We scored really well on it in a very stiff division. The elk was a personal trophy which got me a third place ribbon in the Masters division.

 I hope its not too long for my next blog, I will try my best to update more often, thanks for following us and being patient in waiting for the blogs to come.