Silver Willow Taxidermy

April 11, 2017

Hello again from the shop. A lot has been going on since our last blog which was quite awhile ago so where do I start? Well we got lots of capes back from the tannery which were mostly all African hides and we have been waiting some time for those ones to get back. We are lucky to have very patient customers and we will soon be starting on those projects.

Back a couple blogs when I discussed some behind the scenes stuff and shop happenings, well this delivery of capes is a prime example of what happens behind the scenes. These capes went for tanning a year ago January and I have a few emails asking for them in my priority list and we also have the receipt of when we got them back. Once the hide gets to the tannery, it is pretty much out of my control. There are thousands of hides at the tannery and they all have a priority and if a tannery becomes overloaded as what happened here, (which I didn't know) then it piles up for them and then eventually for me too. So some of you might think,"why doesn't he hound them to get them back?". Well its not that easy. That is the last thing you want to do is hound the tannery. All you are doing is making people rush your hides and when it comes to big razor sharp wheels fleshing your prized skins and others putting the right amount of tan into your hide, you want it done right, not rushed. Now sometimes it goes a little over board but in my case, the tannery we used does great work therefor has many clients so unfortunately we have to get in line. In the end your mount will get back but sometimes there are some snags.

In the shop we have been still working quite steady. I got a couple cougars mounted up last week, big jobs out of the way. This week will see a monster elk mounted, half lifesize deer and maybe a couple rugs, stay tuned for some of those pics. I was looking back through some pics and ran across this little cougar I mounted last year. I love the expression on this white and black pic.