Silver Willow Taxidermy

March 3, 2017

We have been falling down a bit on keeping the updates regular, sorry for that. It has been hectic here as we have been doing deliveries and mounts and finishing up some mounts for pick up. I wish I could explain all that in some more behind the scenes stuff but that would be too big of a blog for one issue. This past week for example seen us doing everything from woodwork,habitat, paint and deliver. Sunday morning at 6:30a.m our truck and trailer rolled out of the yard and went to Grande Prairie, Valleyview and we met some clients from Peace River to take them their animals back. I got back in Monday afternoon and straight back in the shop and haven't stopped since.

This past year our projects have gotten bigger and bigger so some weeks we only mount one animal but there is a ton of prep work to the forms or hides, very seldom does it not require hours and days of prepping. Right now I am about six week behind where I would like to be and we are making every effort to get them weeks back and we will but it will come slow. We have employed two part time helpers and it has been a big bonus, we can only pray we keep making head way.

Here is an example of one of those projects I spoke of. This lion had twenty hours alone just in the mounting of it. That did not include the form prep and hide prep. These are fun but big jobs that take some time.