Silver Willow Taxidermy

February 11, 2017

I received some feedback on the last blog in regards to the behind the scenes topic and it was a good response. Some of the people didn’t know about what goes on and they found it informative.

In a few of the chat rooms and outdoor forums lately there has been some negative discussion in regards to taxidermists. Lots of it stems around pricing and turn around. Something to think about when you are shopping for prices is what are you getting? What credentials does your taxidermist have to justify charging what they do? You need to compare apples to apples. A good understanding of animals from the hunters side is a big bonus. One thing to look at is colors of the finished product. Is the nose pad the actual color of a deer nose? Or is it just black? How about eye shape? Is the deer squinting? I have never seen a reference photo of a squinting deer. Once you start seeing these details, you will soon see that maybe what the taxidermist is charging what they have put into your mount. Some taxidermists have paid for training under some of the industry’s top taxidermists, some are world and national champions.

For me I have done this and put many dollars into competing which has improved my work. In a way I look at all of this as my post secondary education and I am paying for what I have learned. A taxidermist that is always trying to learn is a taxidermist trying their best. If your taxidermist has not competed or invested in proper training with credible people, then you will get the animals with black noses and incorrect anatomy. That may sound harsh but too many times I have heard that a deer mount is a deer mount is a deer mount. On the other side, if you are paying a great deal for a mount then you should expect details.

Here is pic a mounted deer eye that I did and I believe has taken many years and tons of miles and money to make correct. Again look deeper into your taxidermy and see if you’re getting what you pay for.