Silver Willow Taxidermy

January 24, 2017

This week I want to change it up a little and instead of telling what we have done and showing you what has left the shop, I want to talk a little about the behind the scenes stuff that quite a few don't know.

There is a huge misconception of what happens to your animals once they are dropped off at a taxidermy shop. Lots of people think that once the animal is dropped off, it is immediately skinned, and sent by itself to the tannery. This is far from what does happen. What does happen is if it is froze, it must thaw. This could take days to thaw then skin. Once it is skinned, it does not go to the tannery, it still needs some prep work. Ears turned, lips turned and fleshed and salted for 48hrs then dried down. This process can take up to five days total for one deer cape. Moose and elk take longer. Now once it is dry it goes in a crate. The crate gets shipped once it is full. It is not as simple as putting a lid on it and sending to the tannery. Each hide must be numbered and then every single skin needs to be put on an export permit from the government. Once that is done and signed, then shipping is arranged. So once the crate is gone, a new crate is started. Depending on the time of year, the crate could take a few months to fill. So if you missed the shipping, your hide will be in the new crate until it is full.

We have some that need to know how this works and the magnitude of what goes on behind the scenes so they can better understand why it takes the time it does at a taxidermy shop. Each blog going forward for the next few we are going to try and show more behind the scenes stuff.

With that, we want to announce that for the month of February only, we will not be accepting any animals for skinning. Out of respect for the customers projects who have taken a back seat during skinning season, we need to move forward on their projects. If  you have an animals you want us to do or a safari you want us to receive, we will still take it in but it must be fully prepped for the tanning crate or wait until March to bring it. Again this only for the month of February.

Here are a couple pics of what a typical skinning day looks like.