Silver Willow Taxidermy

November 26, 2016

Here we are in the last week of deer season and, thanks to the weather, it feels like we just started. The deer are starting to roll in now and you guys are finding some beauties! Here's a few tips to help keep your trophies in their best condition before they make it to our shop.

  1. Avoid dragging your animal at all costs. We have seen many capes accidentally ruined by dragging.
  2. Leave more hide than you think we'll need when skinning the cape off the body, and never cut in front of the brisket. We can always cut off excess, but we can't add it back on.
  3. Don't worry about caping out your trophy's head if you are not experienced- most clients don't do their own. It's much better to let us do it rather than risk having your buddy cut the eyelids off your cape.
  4. Treat your cape as you would a perishable food product in order to prevent hair slippage. Cool your cape and head as fast as possible and freeze it if you can't drop it off to us fresh.
  5. Be careful about leaving your cape and head in the box of your truck as hair will freeze to the bed and then pull out when you try to move it. Plastic wrap, garbage bags or a rubber tub will prevent damage. Also, don't leave your frozen head exposed outside for too long to prevent the eyes and nose from freeze drying.
  6. Relax, it's probably fixable! Stuff happens and we can repair broken antlers, sew holes in capes or else find you a replacement cape if needed.

Besides skinning and taking in animals, we have also been busy sending finished deer mounts out with clients. The last batch of 2015 deer capes just arrived from the tannery so it won't be long before they are all stitched up and ready to go home like this beautiful, wide mule buck.