Silver Willow Taxidermy

August 23, 2016

Another week or so has went by since the last blog and a few things have been happening. I have been flying solo around here as Jen decided she would take a week and head to the mountains sheep hunting. From the forecast I have seen, I would be willing to bet they have seen snow and quite a bit of rain. But today is the opener and hopefully they are sitting on a ram today, I will know more in a couple days. So with her gone, I am covering the admin part and parental duties for the week. That being said, we have got some critter mounted up and out this week too so the shop is holding its own. We also got notifications from two tanneries that more capes are on the way, mostly deer and were just coming up to the deer for mounting so the timing is perfect. We have a week or so of other mounts then were going to stop and do a lifesize lion then right into the deer. So if any of you that are wondering the status of a mount, were still on track for our quoted timelines.

While were talking about deer, here is one that left the shop not long ago. this was an early season deer from last fall from Northern Saskatchewan. This form is one I sculpted and mounted on so now that form is in production so that is why it was done a little ahead of schedule. I think it turned out really nice and now is available to order.

Good luck to all the Alberta sheep hunters and to the archers who will be out in full force starting next week.