Silver Willow Taxidermy

August 15, 2016

Once again time has flew by and I have to say sorry for not keeping up with the updates. A lot has been happening during that time, lots of animals leaving the shop, quite a few getting mounted as well. Two major projects were taken in, one was a huge beef steer and the other a massive beef bull. Both animals were huge undertakings just to get them to the salting stage. Also some really nice New Zealand animals found their way to the shop, three lucky hunters took some nice animals over there and had a great trip.

Speaking of which, we are considering putting a group together to go to New Zealand next spring for a stag and fallow deer hunt. If this is something that may interest you, let us know. Right now we have one for sure and about six maybes that would go over to hunt.

Here is one of the big projects that just left the shop. Todd Hult of Lloydminster took this beauty bear with a great hide and huge skull. Todd wanted a pretty aggressive style mount for this bear. When we delivered it to his house, it barely fit through the door, I think maybe there was a half inch to spare eh Todd? Thanks again Todd.