Silver Willow Taxidermy

June 3, 2016

Its been quite awhile since my last posting, sorry about that. I had a good excuse this time, I was overseas. I went to New Zealand for a couple weeks to stay with some friends. While I was there I did some hunting and sight seeing. The hunting is pretty good over there, lots of game to be found. I hunted various places and different species. I managed to get a nice red stag and a beauty fallow deer along with some smaller game.

I left Jen in charge here at home to run the shop and all the other things. I got home and nothing died or imploded on itself so she did a great job. She took in a few bears as the season came to a close in most areas. I mounted quite a few animals before I left so they would be drying while I was gone. This week has been spent doing finish work on those animals and the one side of the shop is looking pretty empty. This week coming up will be full of mounting animals to fill the walls up once again....and the cycle continues.

Don't forget to all the Alberta hunters that it is draw time again. Get your applications filled out for those special tags, I think it is going to be a good season this year, mild winter combined with good grass is going to make some good antlers in the country.

Here is a pic of my red stag I got in New Zealand. If you get a chance to do such a hunt, you have to do it.