Silver Willow Taxidermy

April 4, 2016

Hey there again for another week....or so. It looks like spring is finally here and the snow has left and the shed hunters are out and about. I myself have not been out, a past time that used to consume every free minute I had in the spring. Now I am lucky if I get out once a year. I think this year the sheds will be harder to find or not as many of them. Last week I seen three mule deer still carrying so some ground might be getting covered for nothing.

On the shop side, it has been steady with mounting and finish work on the go. This weekend coming up, you will find us at the Consort Gun Show with a display. If your in the area, stop by and say hi. We are going to have some pretty neat things on display so it will be worth your while. Also something new this week, I booked a trip to New Zealand for May where I will be staying with a friend who is a taxidermist there and we will be working in his shop and heading out on the land to hunt in our spare time. It will be a fun trip and stay tuned for up coming news on the trip as it get closer.

I got looking back through some pics and I found these trail cam pics of a grizzly that I got off my camera that I took up to the NWT this past fall when I went up skinning in the hunting camp. The bear would visit the scrap pile across the lake everyday so I put a camera up to see if I could get some pics. Eventually the bear made his way around the lake and got into the meat house a couple of nights in a row and I ended up shooting him. In the NWT you have to skin the bears and turn them into the government. He would have been a nice one to keep.