Silver Willow Taxidermy

March 13, 2016

I wanted to start off this week on a more serious note in regards to animals being mounted and not picked up. With the economic down turn that we are faced with, some animals are being mounted and then not picked up. Now if you are one of those people who is going through a bit of a tough time right now, let us know to put your project aside so we can continue on with others waiting. Now we have had a couple customers call before their projects were started and asked if we could put them on hold, this is very much appreciated. We have no issue with this and understand what some may be going through. Now who this is aimed at, is the ones who say that they are good to go when we ask if a project is still viable for them and they say yes. Then we do the project and call for them to come pick it up but they don't answer the phone or say they can't. I am sorry if this sounds a bit harsh but at the end of the day we too have to pay bills and could have used that time to mount other animals. Again we have no issue setting your project aside and moving on but don't say you are good for it and then won't pick it up. Now if you were good to go at the beginning and then fell on some hard times during the time up to our phone call, just answer the phone and work it out with us, let us know the circumstances and we will work with anyone to help it go over for both parties.

Now onto better things. This past week seen quite a few things getting done including a huge lifesize marco polo sheep, stay tuned for the final pics on this brute. As well, we received a phone call from the tannery that some hides were done, which put us into panic mode for a couple days making room in the freezers for the hides coming back. This meant skinning what had just came in that I did not have time to do earlier. As well , I managed to mount a couple competition pieces for next months competition in Montana, it feels good to do competition work.

Here is an Australian water buffalo that I finished a couple weeks ago for a client. Not quite as big as an African buffalo but big enough. This will be going home soon.