Silver Willow Taxidermy

February 25, 2016

Its been too long since the last blog I know but computer issues have been the main reason. Lots has been going on since the last blog and I will try to cover it all if I can remember. As couple safaris have landed here in the shop, one from New Zealand, one from Africa. The Africa crate contained a croc which was neat to see. Even though it has been dead a year and in the salted state, you can see the power still in the head of this animal and the teeth are super sharp. The New Zealand crate had a unique Red Stag in it, it will provide quite the challenge when it comes to mounting it.

We managed to catch up on some skinning for a week or so, the freezers gained some room. They are slowly filling back up again and it will take another week or so to empty them again. I managed to get some large life size animals mounted and finished this past couple weeks. A couple cougars, wolf and lynx all done up and headed home. Here is a pic of one of the cougars. It was a good sized female with a nice hide and put in a nice pose. Life size cats are fun to mount, this one shows a bit of attitude.