Silver Willow Taxidermy

January 13, 2016

So much has gone on this past week and a bit, I am not sure where to start. Since the last post, I have been was getting ready for the Macklin Wildlife Supper. All of it was spent finishing and painting critters for display. What it did do was clean out the work area and filled up the showroom. Now the work area has an echo to it when you walk in. Customers look at the wall when they come in and figure I haven't been up to much. Then they head into the other room and you have to side step between mounts. I always tell them as long as one room is full they have noting to worry about. Its only when the work room and the finish room are both empty at the same time that they should worry about what I have been up to.

Tomorrow is a big day...kind of. I have had this one project in the shop for quite some time and have been moving it around and out of the way until I can dedicate a few days into just finishing it. Well tomorrow come hell or high water, it will be done, stay tuned for it.

But this week, I will show one of the pieces that was finished up last week. I don't post many small critters but I really liked this pine marten. Very nice hide on it and colorful markings.