Silver Willow Taxidermy

January 5, 2016

Happy New Year to everyone, we hope 2016 brings lots of good luck to everybody and we wish them all the best.

We managed to take a couple days off over the New Year break and it was nice to get away for a couple days. Although during those two days we managed to stop at a Taxidermy Supply shop and pick up some forms so in reality it was all holiday time. The shop has been steady still with animals coming in on a regular basis. As well the showroom is filling up which means animals are getting completed and back out to the customers.

As of January 1st, we had a price increase on some of our animals, you will have to go over to the price list to check out which it applies to. Now the price increase is only effective for those animals that come in after January 1st or have previously booked them in so they will fall under 2015 pricing. This is just due to the Canadian dollar difference now and only the animals effected were the ones where we order a majority of those forms from the U.S. We did recognize that with today's economy that a price increase isn't great so that's why we left some of the animals at last years pricing. This means those animals are totally sourced in Canada so we can better regulate those prices.

Here is a neat piece just finished up today. I was given some freedom on this project with a few instructions. I really like doing these type of mounts, a person gets to express and be creative.