Silver Willow Taxidermy

November 19, 2015

Is everyone enjoying November? We have been blessed with a lot of busy-ness. So far the majority of the skinning marathon has involved elk, moose, mule deer and antelope with a few white-tails starting to trickle in now. The lack of snow is definitely not ideal for hunting, but it feels like a bit of a holiday to us. Last weekend we had the overhead door open in the shop for a couple hours while we worked. Curtis was inside mounting a deer, I was outside skinning heads for euros and the kids were racing each other around the driveway; quad vs. motorbike. All the while, clients were dropping off and picking up heads. I'll take that kind of day, all year long.

Now that hunting season is in full swing, I thought it would be a good time to talk about caring for your trophy. Here's a few of our tips to help prevent damaging your animal's cape before it reaches the taxidermist. It's okay if you don't feel comfortable caping the skin off the head, just leave us lots of cape (never cut in front of the brisket), and bring it in. For best results, try to bring your animal to us as quickly as possible or skin and freeze it immediately. A shop floor is not cold enough to prevent slippage. Another common mistake is leaving a trophy in the back of your pickup after temps drop below zero. Even though it won't rot, there is a risk of hair freezing to the box and then ripping out when it is moved or the facial tissue might be damaged by freeze drying in the open air. We can always send your rack back home with you after it is caped, so you can enjoy it for awhile before it is mounted. Go ahead, make your buddies jealous. Last, but not least, don't drag your animals in the field or anywhere if you want to save the cape. Large animals like moose and elk are difficult to handle, but are very prone to damage from dragging. It's easier to take a little extra time and effort in the field, than it is to find a spare cape that will fit your trophy. We want to make your animal look great and that starts with proper field care.

FYI: During November we are accepting late drop-offs on Wednesday nights (6pm-9pm) for those clients who can't make it in during business hours. Also, we are only accepting shoulder mounts until December 10, 2015 so we can focus on shipping hides to the tanneries and mounting animals for clients that were put on the back burner during the busy skinning season.Then January 1st we will start accepting them again. It just gives everyone a break as well to focus on what work we need to get done before the New Year. The climate outside will be fine for your animal until the New Year. If the weather looks like it will be warm, we may re-consider this and keep accepting them. Thanks.

Enjoy the rest of hunting season and we hope to see you in the shop.

Here's a beautiful mulie from early 2015 that we just sent home.