Silver Willow Taxidermy

November 1, 2015

Today is the beginning of the rifle opener for deer and elk here in our side of the province. I went out for a short little stint to see what was happening in the country side. Lots of hunters and not much game. My prediction for this year is that it will be slower for rut action as the weather is just too nice to get the deer moving far. I had a chance at an antlerless elk this morning but chose not to shoot because I didn't feel too comfortable with the shot.

The shop has stayed busy this past couple weeks, antelope and elk seem to be the animals we have been skinning the most of. This year some of the antelope have been really good which is a nice change to see from the last few years. There have been a few whopper elk come in as well, maybe the deer will be great as well, hopefully we catch the rut in our November season.

Here is a dall sheep I finished up for Vanessa Harrop of Outdoor Quest TV. This is a super wide ram and the cape was very well taken care of which made for an easy nice mount to complete. We have chosen to join the Outdoor Quest group again for this years new shows, working with them has been a pleasure and we look forward to this year as well. Thanks guys.