Silver Willow Taxidermy

October 4, 2015

Well we are one month down in this new hunting season and so far it has been crazy. I just got back from the NWT where I spent three weeks skinning for an outfitter during the caribou and moose hunts. Lots of people think I was gone having fun, ha. Although it is nice country and beautiful was all work. As well as skinning animals, I exported more animals that were left at the camp before I got there. In total I brought 39 animals home which made for a full truck. To top that off, I hit the ground running when I got back with more skinning as some lucky hunters were successful during the antelope season and the bow hunters seem to be getting lucky on the elk as well in the area.

This week we are expecting a huge shipment from Africa which will make for a load ready for the tannery so soon into this new hunting season. I really thought before the season that the economy would have an affect this year on business, I guess I was wrong.

Here is a mountain caribou I just finished up for a client since I have been back, caribou are my favorite animals to look at and mount.