Silver Willow Taxidermy

August 31, 2015

It just seems like hunting season just ended and we are full circle back at it again. Sheep season opened a few days ago with some clients out and about looking for that elusive ram. We have gotten word that the dall sheep camps in the NWT have been successful and sounds like some good rams have been taken.

In the shop this past few weeks it has been all sheep, mounting and finishing them up. This week were gonna be finishing up a couple lifesize dalls and then starting on some deer for a week or a few. Also this past week I traveled to Kalispell to the tannery to pick up some hides and forms and then a quick trip back home.

On Wednesday we made a quick trip to Edmonton to drop off some crates of caribou to the shippers for some American clients then dropped off this life size dall to a client up there. Thanks Jarrod for letting us do your sheep.