Silver Willow Taxidermy

August 14, 2015

Well, we can't say we haven't had any summer weather, can we? The last couple weeks have been very warm here and it seems like we should be at the lake instead of the shop. Enough whining though, we've had our holidays already and we are still managing to fit some fun in among all the work. I took the boys on a freight run to Calgary last Monday and we even managed to stay in a hotel with water slides. It is so nice to be able to bring the kids on business trips. We needed to ship a huge crate to the tannery and pick up a truck load of freight and animals. We always get some strange looks by other drivers on the QE2 when forms are sticking up in the box of the truck. People stare at the back and then do a double take when they pull alongside and see a woman in the drivers seat, lol.

It has been extremely busy in the freight and crating department. We have been building crates and and packaging up several caribou and Dall sheep for some of our American clients. Curtis and I both love the northern critters and hate to see them leave, but fortunately it looks like Curt will be getting the chance to work at Redstone Trophy Hunts in September for a few weeks again. With any luck there will be more sheep and caribou to work on next year.

Here is a pic of a caribou just recently finished up and heading to Idaho, this is one of the nicest capes on a caribou that has been through the shop. We did removable antlers so the client will have ho problem taking it up and down stairs or through doorways, consider this on your next mount.