Silver Willow Taxidermy

August 3, 2015

The count down is on! Only 22 days until the sheep opener here in Alberta, man that has come up fast. By now all of you should have found out what you will be hunting this fall as the draw results are out. I got cow elk and non-trophy sheep which should be fun to hunt. Speaking of sheep, I have been going pretty hard in the shop on sheep mounts, both lifesize and shoulder mounts. All dalls right now but there will be some stone sheep coming up. This week in the shop will be doing finish work and I will be putting a few rugs together too.

Last week I snuck out of the shop for three days and flew out to BC to give my arms a workout tugging on salmon in the Kitimat river. We hit the run right on and three full days of action, wow what a great time. It is a just a great place to go, beautiful scenery and fresh mountain air, I will definitely go back.

Before I left I got this zebra finished up and delivered to a client in Edmonton. This was a very nice zebra with a flawless hide, it went together really nice.