Silver Willow Taxidermy

June 28, 2015

I think summer has hit in full force. Usually the end of the hunting draw applications means the start of summer and now combine it with the incredible temps...summer is here. Now just because it is summer and all the hunting seasons are closed, it doesn't mean we slow down. On record the start of summer is a slower time for animals coming in the shop, but this past two weeks has proven that wrong and it will stay busy for a bit. We took in eleven animals this last week and a couple of them are pretty cool. There was a muskox that came that has the most beautiful cape I have seen, nice long hair and nice colors. As well a life size mountain goat, another neat project for down the road.

Besides skinning this past two weeks, I got a few animals mounted up including a cape buff and some other African animals. This next few weeks ahead will be devoted to North American game such as some life sized sheep and caribou, it will be different to get back to those type of animals.

In the past couple weeks I finished up this whopper mule deer for a local client, what a deer! It needed a cape, so we waited til the right one came along and this cape I think was the right one.