Silver Willow Taxidermy

May 26, 2015

Holy man is it hot out. We just took a few days off and went bear hunt with fellow taxidermist Paul Klar from Montana. The heat did have an effect on the bear movements but in the end the weather did cool down on the last day which proved our theory about the movement and Paul was able to get himself a nice bear. A few more calls this week from successful bear hunters bringing rugs in, it won't be long now and the hides will be starting to rub.

This week in the shop I am mounting critters. I need to get some animals up drying on the wall because the next couple weeks is finish work and I have to keep the cycle going. Today I mounted a cranker dall sheep and tomorrow will be a whopper mule deer, there should be some good pics coming up in the next little bit.

Keeping on bears, here is a life size bear I mounted last month. This may be a smaller bear but it had a very nice hide. I also put a slack jaw in the mount and did an eye rotation, just these two little things sure made a difference in the final piece, keep things like this in mind when choosing your next mount.