Silver Willow Taxidermy

May 13, 2015

How is everyone's bear season going? The bears are trickling in the shop at a steady pace, kind of the pace I like, just enough time in between each one for skinning. So far the bears have been looking good as far as hides go, they should make some nice mounts. We have a fellow taxidermist coming up from Montana next week and were headed up to our usual spot to see if we can get him a bear. The good thing is, he can skin his own bear, ha!

The shop has been steady, I finished sewing up an African safari for one client and all of his animals are now up drying. Just got word that all our deer capes are done at the tannery, so Friday I will be picking them up. If you have a deer here this year with us, please make sure your deposits are in so we can get a start on your project, give myself or Jen a shout to line that up. I was just looking in the books and we seem to be making some ground which is a good thing, we're always trying to improve on our turn around time and right now its looking good.

This is a neat mount, we were given almost full reign on this project, they needed to be together. This had some challenges, but I think in the end it came out good. Thanks Chris for letting me have some creativity with this.