Silver Willow Taxidermy

March 24, 2015

We thought winter was gone around here but it looks like a few more days of snow, oh well, were inside mostly anyway working.

Wow, what a couple busy weeks it has been, we're really blessed to have a business and customers who keep us going day to day. Last week we took in thirteen animals and a couple monster projects. They were not much fun to get ready for tanning but now the dirty work is done and planning time has come. One customer has chosen to have three life-sized wolves on one base, what a project that will be. As well I skinned a monster 10yr old hereford bull and as luck would have it, a new bull form came out on the market and will work just fine.

I just got home from another epic U.S. run to the tannery and form trip. You know you got a heavy load of hides when the truck is working hard pulling the trailer. I emptied the trailer in Kalispell of hides and then made a run back to the border where I loaded it full to the lid with forms only to make the truck work hard again.

Before I left the shop I managed to get this delivered. It is an African bushpig that was harvested by Trent Ussleman with Archery gear. It was a challenging and fun project and was the last one in the safari I did for Trent. Thanks Trent for letting me do up your animals.