Silver Willow Taxidermy

March 10, 2015

Wow what a difference a week makes in the weather, geese are back and the water is running everywhere. I have seen some guys have been out shed hunting, I am not sure how much success there will be after what we seen for low deer numbers in the fall. I have seen however a couple coyote kills on deer and man have there ever been lots of them running around. I shot five in a week and a half from the house and hate to admit I missed four more. We took plenty of coyotes out of the countryside this winter but apparently it wasn't enough. Speaking of low deer numbers, there is a meeting at the Metiskow hall on  March 19th with the SRD in regards to deer numbers. I sure hope they don't want to decrease the herd more. If you have a chance, make it out and let your voice be heard.

In the shop this past week I have been busy skinning and getting more hides ready for the tannery and making freezer room for more coming in. I also have been doing some finish work for delivery this week to Edmonton on Friday. It is supposed to be slower right now, but we're flat out trying to stay on top of all the daily things it takes to run a taxidermy shop.

Here is a zebra I finished up last week for my brother. He actually did most of the work on it with a hand from me. He did a good job on the base which really went along with the mount. Thanks again.