Silver Willow Taxidermy

January 21, 2015

Man has the weather sure change for the good I guess from what we had. I really hope it continues to melt off the hill tops for the deer, last thing we need is a freeze to put a hard crust on the snow, it will make it too hard for them to get through to the feed. This lack of snow is also a blessing for the deer, makes it easier to escape the coyotes when in chase. Speaking of coyotes, it sounds like a lot of them are getting piled up this year, the good prices have sure made more coyote hunters take it more seriously as well as defending our deer herds.

The shop has been steady for sure. We're making progress, still little bit behind but gaining a bit of ground each day. This week so far, two impala and a nyala have been sewn up and a life-size pig, half life-size mule deer and mule shoulder are up for the rest of the week. I think Sunday I am going to take off and maybe try and see if I can help on the coyote situation, hope the weather stays good.

I finally found some time and mounted my bear that I shot in 2013 on Boxing day of this year. He scored 21 9/16 on a spot and stalk hunt which I was solo on. For this mount I made a replica of his teeth and jawset by casting the original teeth because I didn't want to wreck the skull by using the originals. I also wanted an open mouth but not aggressive so I chose to have him feeding. By having him standing, he takes up less room.