Silver Willow Taxidermy

January 15, 2015

Hey again from the shop. Well the traffic in and out of the shop has slowed a bit this past week which has help the production inside the work area. We did have some large pieces leave on Tuesday and created a pile of room in the showroom so I am sewing like a mad man to help try and fill it back up.

We also got some interesting news this week we have been waiting for, stay tuned here to see what creature is soon to arrive in the shop and no it is not another kid, lol.

This past weekend we attended the Macklin wildlife supper where we put a display of our work up for viewing and as usual the Macklin club put on a heck of a feast. We got set up and taken down without any incidents or damage to any mounts which is always one of my worries when hauling mounts, thanks to the Macklin club for inviting us to your supper and banquet.

Staying with an African theme this week, here is a mountain zebra that went out a bit ago. If you get a chance, check out our new "African" gallery on our site here.