Silver Willow Taxidermy

December 12, 2014

Another week down and more animals skinned and ready for tanning. This week seemed to never come to an end as the deer flowed in quite steady. I spent most of the week skinning and fleshing lots of deer, moose and a couple cougars. I guess a guy thinks he is in the clear from skinning deer then you're reminded that cougar season is after deer season, lol. Well the skinning is caught up for now and it is time to focus on mounts. This past week I sewed up a really nice archery elk with a beauty cape, keep watching we will post it here in the new year.

I am glad to see the weather warm up a bit, hopefully it keeps going this way to get rid of all the snow. Warm ups like this can be dangerous to our deer herds as the wet snow will create a crust once frozen again which makes it hard for the deer to get through to the feed. So once it warms up, best is it just keeps going and let winter start all over again, our deer herds need the help. I can say though that the deer that came in this year although a bleak deer season, were good deer. Mostly white-tails, a few of them were crankers, so hope is out there even after the bad winters.

I finished this mount up this past week as well. What a neat piece. The customer found the buffalo skull and brought the deer and antelope and let me do what I wanted with it, it really came together I think. Thanks Russ for giving me some reigns with this one, makes it fun.