Silver Willow Taxidermy

December 6, 2014

Well its over for another year. Deer season was a disappointment for most this year, I really hope next year is better. We had a decent deer season in the shop, deer seemed to be coming in steady but no records broken. I managed to get out a little bit around home here, I never found a white-tail that peeked my interest but I did manage to harvest a decent mule deer.

We finished up the season doing finish work and getting a safari mounted up for one guy, it is all mounted now and drying. This week I am going to try and get a few more pieces mounted and more animals skinned, then we're gonna slowly wind down to Christmas.

After Dec 15 we will not take in any animals until the New year so if you got something to bring, get it in before the 15th or wait until Jan 1. We're still going to be in the shop working over those days but the skinning knives will be put away and the needles are coming out to get some animals sewn up for clients, I hope you understand.

Here is a massive mount that has seen me take a few trips to the chiropractor, a few band-aids and lots of thinking to pull off. This double cape buffalo pedestal is a custom piece that I had to weld all the attachment points and balance it in hopes it will turn out. We have a few more cool mounts to do for this client so stay tuned for them.