Silver Willow Taxidermy

November 24, 2014

One week left everyone. It has been a very busy fall but a slow deer season if that makes sense to anyone. Although from what I have been seeing on the net, there have been some good deer taken in the last few days. The last week of November usually holds some surprises, let see what comes.

I managed to slip away from the shop for an hour last week and took a nice mule deer. Although not the biggest mule I have taken, a good one for this year. The WT rut is in full swing from what I have seen in my travels and all little bucks running does. I think this means it is only a matter of time and a big one will be with.

In the shop, as I mentioned earlier, we seem to be skinning but not the numbers like last year. Gameheads though are up for us this fall and lifesize as well so our 2014/2015 year will be full of neat projects.

Being deer season I thought a big mule deer would be good for the this blog. This deer was taken by Dean Spornitz of Lloydminster. Really nice weight and dark antlers along with a wall pedestal really show off this deer. Thanks Dean for bring your deer to us.