Silver Willow Taxidermy

November 11, 2014

Man is the deer hunting slow! I think a combination of three hard winters, too many tags given out and I think coyotes are playing a part in the low deer numbers. A few hunters are getting lucky but it seems the hunters with the moose and elk tags are doing fine.

We are skinning some deer in the shop but not the amount we did last year. We did however take in some deer in archery season and the rifle season is not over yet, the rut hasn't kicked in yet from my observation. On a positive note,the slower skinning season allows me to keep the progress going in the shop. I started a nine animal African safari last week for one client,were getting closer to finishing that one up and moving onto another one.

Here is a lucky hunter who harvested her first deer. This young lady happens to be my niece and from the story she told, she made a fine heart shot on a nice white-tail that her dad rattled into 30yds. Congrats Farrah on a beauty deer.