Silver Willow Taxidermy

November 4, 2014

It is finally here, rifle season. I am not sure what your area has to hold but here it seems the deer are pretty scarce. I think it will pick up, maybe this shot of snow will get the deer out of the bush and feeding on the fields which will bring the bucks out too. We have caped a few animals so far, a couple nice white-tails. Both deer were rattled in and both taken by youth hunters, great to see. It looks like the moose are hitting the the ground quite steadily as well as a few elk.

In the shop, I started an African safari for one guy which will keep me sewing into next week if all goes good. Last week I spent sewing up some other exotics so the shop walls are filling up again.

Here is a Tur from Azerbijan that was taken by Pat Garret of Breton. Alberta. Pat is headed out for Marco polo next month, good luck Pat and thanks for bringing your tur to us.