Silver Willow Taxidermy

October 9, 2014

 Not much exciting happening around the shop these days. We're just busy mounting and finishing animals. There have been a couple real good moose dropped off this week, as well as word that more sheep are on the way. We also took in a huge Alaskan brown bear for a lifesize which is going to be an awesome project to work on. A few archers are still having luck on the elk and moose but the deer seem to have vanished from the earth. Who else has noticed deer numbers really low this fall where there usually is deer?

This past weekend we delivered a couple pieces to Edmonton for a meet with customers. This is one of the mounts we delivered to Travis Tiffen who came down from Peace River to pick up his cougar. This cat weighed 223 lbs right after it was shot and was a pleasure to work on. Travis picked a great pose and the rock helped complete such a majestic animal, thanks Travis for bringing us your cougar.