Silver Willow Taxidermy

October 2, 2014

AntelopeThis past week we have continued with the finish work in order to clear some critters out of the work space. The crowded zoo look is interesting, but not very efficient or safe. Antler in the back, anyone? If you come visit us now, you should be able to safely walk through the shop with much less difficulty. That being said, the floor space is filling swiftly with antelope capes and horns. Congrats fellow antelope hunters - seems to be a successful season so far.

We also sneaked away for a few days of antelope hunting. Curtis and his dad scouted out the situation and set up camp a couple days ahead of season and Lyndon and I joined them late opening day. By the time we got there they had their two bucks down, skinned, cooled, quartered and caped. They were just starting supper for us when we arrived. Perfect timing. The next morning I pulled the trigger on a little buck. He's going to be very tasty. Lyndon only had one day to hunt with us because of school so I'm glad he was able to be there to see me shoot my antelope. It was his first overnight "big guy" big game hunt.

CougarHere is a gigantic cougar out of the Peace country that is heading home this weekend. Definitely one of our favorite pieces to come through the shop. Curtis had to order the biggest form he could find and then still needed to enlarge the head and neck to get the hide to fit properly. Apparently this cat tipped the scales at 223 lbs on the day he was taken. Something to dream about- cougar season isn't too far off now.