Silver Willow Taxidermy

August 5, 2014

 Not too long away is the new hunting season. Sheep season in AB opens on the 25th of August this year, how many are planning a bighorn hunt this year? A bighorn is an animal that is somewhat interesting me into maybe looking at hunting, getting in shape is the first step, lol. 

 This week in the shop has been real steady and productive.

I am busy sewing up animals and finalizing shipping arrangements for animals heading to the U.S. We still have a mountain of work to get done in the next week before Jen takes off up to the NWT for her sheep hunt. The last few days I have been getting the urge to go along, but will not be going. She has been busy shooting her gun and testing out some gear for her trip, good to test it here rather than there. 

 Back to African for this week. Here is a sable that Gary Leach of Lloydminster brought us to have done. These animals are majestic and they have the most beautiful hides. Gary chose to have a floor mount for this sable. The base was built out of walnut wood with hickory inserts. Thanks again Gary for having us do it up for you.