Silver Willow Taxidermy

February 3, 2014

I am really starting to think someone upset Mother Nature this winter again. The wind has blown steady here this winter with some nasty temps to go with it.

This past couple weeks has been pretty steady in the shop with over twenty new animals that came in and about six more so far that need to be picked up or dropped off here. So the skinning knives have to keep their edge for a little bit longer this winter, not a bad thing I guess.

We just did a display at the Provost Fish and Game Supper this past weekend and had lots of fun. We took mostly African animals which kind of didn't go with the theme but it was all we had done, lol. At the supper I received the award for the largest black bear for the 2013 season, it was a tough one to beat.

This weekend coming up I will be delivering a couple steers and other animals to the Calgary area and picking up a cougar, fox, lynx, fisher, deer and a Highland steer on the way home so the skinning continues. I might take a few minutes to stop by the Calgary Boat and Sportsman show and check it out, should be fun.

Here is another silver fox I did for a customer in Dawson Creek B.C this past month. This guy was shot with a 7mm and took over ten feet of stitching to put him back together, that's more stitching than I use on a wolf ! Thanks Darren for your business and it was great to finally meet you.