Silver Willow Taxidermy

February 16, 2014

Hey again, I think winter is on the way out, better be careful what I say too loud. The weather has finally broke here and we have some decent days on the horizon.

The phone was a bit quieter this week which was good, we had a big grizzly that got mounted up and it took a few days of concentration to get it to fit and up on the base. It was a back breaking project but it will be a great piece once it is done.

Also last weekend Quinn and I attended the Calgary Boat and Sportsman show while we did some deliveries and pick ups. Thanks Quinn for riding shotgun on the trip.

Here is one of the pieces we delivered last weekend, an axis deer for Vanessa Harrop from Outdoor Quest TV. It was a fun project to do and these animals have neat markings as you can see. Thanks guys for your support and business.