Silver Willow Taxidermy

February 27, 2014

It has been too cold to do anything but work - but that's okay as we have had a lot of animals leaving the showroom lately.

This past weekend my wing man, Quinn, and I delivered a truckload of animals an hour south to a client and did some coyote hunting along the way. Although we saw a lot of coyotes, our success rate was low.

Better luck in the shop- this week so far I got a life size wolverine and a life size bush buck sewn up. Tomorrow the shop will be closed as we are delivering an Aoudad out in Western Alberta and picking up a bunch more critters to work on.

Here is the Aoudad from New Mexico that Pat Garret brought to us. It is all finished up and ready for delivery. We will be doing more mounts for Pat coming up, stay tuned to see them. Thanks a bunch, Pat.