Silver Willow Taxidermy

March 31, 2014

After almost a full month of lifesize and half lifesize critters, it is time to shift gears and get into the bear rugs. Curtis informed me that I am going to be busy sewing very shortly. If the weather was better I might not want to be stuck inside!

Oh well, we had taste of spring ,just enough to start thinking about bear season. This year I might decide to try for a bear as Curt has been doing it for some time and I have not had much of a chance to get out at all. Both boys want to go too so it might be a nice little break away.

Here is a half mount white-tail that Kevin Matheson of Sedgewick brought to us. We work together to design this mount and I think the end product came out really well. The mount shows movement which I think is key in any form of taxidermy. Thanks Kevin for letting me do so neat things with this project.