Silver Willow Taxidermy

April 27, 2014

Word has it I am slacking a bit on my blog postings, lol. I have to admit yes I haven't been diligent on making sure it comes out on the same day every week but most days I forget where my shoes are, haha.

It has been steady in the shop and the skinning has subsided for a little bit even though I did flesh and turn a half life size muskox last week and caped out a couple more deer....yeah that's right, deer still on the head. I didn't get a ton mounted in the last two weeks because I was busy doing the finish work to a bunch of large life size animals and those bases take some time and space. Now they are gone and I am back to mounting here for a couple days then I will be gone for a bit.

I am heading to Nebraska to compete in the UTA Taxidermy Competition and then I will be spending a couple days with another fellow taxidermist in Montana who asked me a while ago if I could lend him a hand on mounting a yak! It is a big project and it will probably take a bit of altering but it will be fun. Thanks to all of you that stopped by our booth again at the Consort Gun show a couple weeks ago. Again this year we won the award for the best display which is always an honor as there are some nice ones there.

Here is an eland from Africa that I had at the show and was a big project. Trent Usselman from Czar, took this guy with archery gear and the video on it was awesome. Thanks Trent for letting me do this guy up for you.