Silver Willow Taxidermy

August 25, 2014

Some good news from up North came in since our last update. Jen Called via SAT phone to tell me she connected on a good old dall ram. I haven't seen pics yet but it sounds like a nice sheep. She said she was having fun and has been putting some miles on in the saddle to look for a caribou but no luck with that.

She should be home this Thursday and we will have to get her to do the next update so she can tell her stories. 

 While she has been gone, I have stepped into the Mr.Mom roll as well as work in the shop. Although I have not got as much done, I have accomplished enough to keep the shop full. As well we took in another sheep and and nice velvet caribou this week from a lucky hunter. 

 Each morning now is getting to be more like fall, it is upon us. Pretty soon the arctic geese will be making their way down and the smell of harvest will be in the air. I having been talking to a few local dedicated hunters and from what I have been hearing, they haven't seen much for deer in their travels. I hope it has been just due to the extensive heat we have had and they are just tucked away in the shade. 

 Here is what a shipment from Africa looks like when we get them in. This is from one lucky hunter and this also came with the hides salted and have been shipped off to the tannery.