Silver Willow Taxidermy

May 29, 2014

I hope all those who have been able to get out looking for bears have had their chance. I know a few camps are having a tough time finding them but the season is not over yet. Today I caped out a really big bear for a shoulder mount and he had a beauty hide on him as well.Good luck to those who are still looking.

Just a reminder that Alberta hunting draws open up on Tuesday, don`t forget to get them in early just in case the new system has any issues, we hope not. The shop has been steady, the phone has been quieter which has allowed me to knock off some big projects. It has been all lifesize for the last couple weeks and those projects take some time so it is good to get them behind me. I have a couple more lifesize to do them it is back to shoulder mounts and that is where I hope to gain some ground.

Here is a lifesize Nyala from Africa that Dean Herron of Esther, AB shot on his first trip there. As we speak Dean and five others are in the air heading back over to the dark continent and they have quite the list. I wish them safe travels and good luck. Thanks again Dean for bringing your animals here.