Silver Willow Taxidermy

June 7, 2014

Well its draw time again people. You have until the 26th of this month to get them in, I hope you all get a chance to hunt the critters you have been waiting a long time for. As usual it is feast or famine for tags for us and it looks like we're up for a bunch again this year. I also triple nined some animals and saved them for next year.

Bear season has come to a close in almost all the areas, it seems it was a slower year for most hunters. We did get in some nice ones this spring and a few more to come yet that guys haven't had the chance to drop off. I will not be closing my tag on a bear this spring which is fine with me . The tag is still good for the fall too so hang onto them.

Here is a wolverine I did for Randy Bowers of Sylvan Lake. I did a couple of these for him and if you remember from a while back the grizzley we did for him. Keep watching int he next couple weeks, we will have another mount for Randy and this one is a must see mount. Thanks Randy for all your business.