Silver Willow Taxidermy

June 19, 2014

I am getting some grief about my lacking on the blog updates, sorry about that. Well I think bear season is now closed everywhere and as I said earlier, it was a tougher season all around for a lot of guys. We did get in some good ones this spring and a few more to come too and that will be it for bears.

If you have forgotten, draws are due on the 26th for the Alberta residents, make sure you don't miss out. What will you be hunting this year? I am hoping for a mulie tag and we should get camp Wainwright deer /first rifle season.

If you remember a couple posts ago I posted a beauty Grizz mount that I did for Randy Bowers in Sylvan Lake. Well here is his cougar and it is the last of seven lifesize animals I did for Randy. This is a good sized cougar that Randy wanted in an aggressive pose as that is how he remembered his cat from his hunt. Thank you Randy for all your business.