Silver Willow Taxidermy

July 29, 2014

 If anyone has been looking for me, sorry I have been off with my family on holidays. We took a couple weeks and went out to the coast in the hot old motorhome to put a line in the water for salmon. There were lots of fish swimming by in the river but they didn't seem to want to bite anyones hook. I did however get some great family time in and did get a chance to hit the shoreline on the ocean to pick up some driftwood for some mounts. Now it is back to the grind of finishing what I mounted before I left and then a hard run of sewing here before the fall.

It is hard to think about but hunting season is only a month away for the sheep guys, then stick throwing (archery) will be in full swing. As well Jen just learned that she will be heading north this year to look for a dall sheep. The camp I worked in the last two years phoned and have some freed up horses for one of the scheduled hunts and it was a great chance for her to go, she will have fun.

Here is a beauty lynx that was brought to us by Chris Halasczyk of Millet, Alberta. Chris did some trapping last year and brought us a few nice animals to mount, stay tuned for those ones and thanks Chris for your work.